Boxing Day Rockets

Was it the Israeli Foreign Minister ? It was a bit early. She was challenged by the BBC Radio 4 presenter on the Israeli response. Her voice rose in anger. There was a slight tremble.

But who is launching rockets at Christmas while some of the world is distracted by holidays ? As soon as a ceasefire ends Hamas is there with their rockets.

Israel continues to follow the same tired old plan that “has never worked before” as one reporter put it. Not as a judgment of Israeli policy, but as a simple statement of truth. Their attacks never stop the rocket attacks.

There are also the same old calls for “restraint” and “negotiation” that I’ve been listening to for 20 years. Twenty years ! What we have here is a failure of imagination.  A failure of critical thinking.

So the question I ask is. What is happening in Israel ? Why do I not hear any voices of reason coming from there ? What about Gaza ? Read the Wikipedia article about Israel. Both sides certainly have their agrievements. How would you feel if your lands were invaded ? How wold you feel if leaders called for your country to be dismantled ?

But at some point the probably unsolvable problems have to be put aside and a new start made. The sins of Pride and being unforgiving eventually have to crumble and blow away in the dust. Otherwise both “sides” lose everything.

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