Weapons of Mass Deception

The ABPI‘s campaign orchestrates both lobbying and public relations in its overall strategy. At a briefing to the Pharmaceuticals Marketing Society in 2000, the ABPI described its “battle plan” thus: “to deploy ground troops in the form of patient support groups, symapthetic medical opinion and healthcare professionals… which will lead the debate on the informed patient issue. This will have the effect of weakening political, ideological and professional defences… Then the ABPI will follow through with high-level precision strikes on specific regulatory enclaves in both Whitehall and Brussels…”7 ( Source )

This article will develop as time goes on. We are all being deceived. The only people who know the whole truth are those cruising in their multi million dollar yachts, or laying back in their huge estates or corporate jets. This is greed of the highest order. Worthy of a new chapter in the Bible, the scale of human suffering is a disturbing genocide that was allowed to happen because history went straight into the Cold War at the end of WW2. While the world was struggling with the combined worry of nuclear annihilation the Pharma companies were there creeping their way into your life.

Now many people extol the virtues of the drugs. They speak from a place of brain damage and health problems caused by the drugs they are taking. How could they know what they are saying if they have both been deceived and have serious health problems effecting their intellect ? This is the Pharma generated myth of “patient choice”. The simulacra of freedom.

So Tony Blair promoted the benefits of the Pharma industry ( a “British success story” ) while he was looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. While that war rumbles on, now we have the trouble in Gaza … not so long after Blair started work as a “Middle East Peace Envoy”.

So when you see that blinding flash of white light and you start feeling a little confused .. just remember me and my Weapon of Mass Deception air raid survival plan !

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