The Times We Live In: RIP the Weapon of the Planet of the Apes

Trident nuclear missiles are £20bn waste of money, say generals

“Britain’s nuclear submarines are “completely useless” against modern warfare, and the £20bn spent on renewing them is a waste of money, retired senior military officers said yesterday.”

“The fact is that Trident is an inappropriate weapons system. You can’t see Trident being used against something like nuclear blackmail by international terrorism. It is a cold war weapon. It is not a weapon for the situation where we are now.”

Statements from the former head of the armed forces Field Marshal Lord Bramal, and Retired army general Lord Ramsbotham, amongst others.

What extraordinary times ! Is anyone paying attention to all this ? Twenty years ago we were still in danger of doing the unspeakable, a scenario explored in “Planet of the Apes” as well as the animal like brutality that was driving it.

Now nuclear weapons are an obsolete geopolitical weapon. Even more decrepit is the likes of Blair and Bush going on about their “70 year” War on Terror and STILL keeping on the nukes, as if another screeching horn of hypocrisy could add a healthy tune to their little dance.

Listen as the dinosaurs hit the dirt and raise huge clouds of dust ! While we were cowering in the shadows like quivering mice these leviathans of the global story stomped around scaring any little furry animals in their path.

Now the sun has come out ! Little mice scurry blinking into the Sun ! The times we live in ! Where are the carnivals in the street blaring out the celebrations over the death knell of the spectre of global destruction ?

EDIT: I was just reading a letter in The Times. The writer was stating that removing Trident would remove any kind of bargaining chip in situations of real threat. Hardly up to date reasoning in the age of the advanced aircraft carriers (being built in the UK) and other advanced technologies. The carriers are already designed to be different from the old style, Cold War, carriers. They were built partly to support Helicopter search and destroy submarine missions which are now no longer needed.

The letter writer also suggests modern wars have become “messy and fuzzy” (paraphrased). Haven’t they always been ? I don’t think there is any such thing as the “clear and simple” war. Their argument is that this makes conventional weapons less effective. What has made Iraq and Afghanistan such an affair is the corrupt hypocrisy of people like Bush and Blair. The spectre of Cheney, and the fashion(?) of the “career” war played for political gain. It is no small miracle of the commanders, soldiers and workers on the ground who have somehow managed to stop the entire thing turning into a total disaster.

So the “messy” war really means the very badly motivated war.

The writer has a point though. Nuclear weapons have been and still are used for their threatening value. But their time is over. Remember the scene in the Planet of the Apes film when you see an ICMB as a figure of worship in a temple ? Well now the priests have been exposed for what they are. CND and Gorbachev did that service for the world. Sadly this does not mean the total vanquishing of the nuke. Is the Times letter writer so unimaginative as to think that the very same Generals who call for the cancelling of Trident ICMB’s will not keep the tactical nuke in their armaments ?

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