Science and Islam

A series that comes highly recommended is “Science and Islam”.

Much of Science was developed in the West and Islamic countries, but this story has been hidden by hundreds of years of Western dominating and political attitudes. This program was very even handed and entirely unreactionary or deliberately provoking. But there is no coincidence that Bush talked of a “Crusade” against Islam. The West became dominant partly because of the discovery of the Americas just when the Islamic empire was in decline. That discovery financed the “Big Science” that the Islamic world had been doing up to then. Sadly that fostered a superior attitude in the West that is still predominant today.

This is what really drives “911 Truthers” in my opinion. They cannot face two facts.

One. The West regards it’self as superior to Islamic countries that “need domocracy”.

Two. Acts of political and military manipulation have been carried out against Islamic countries that have fostered the development of Terrorists.

So, there are some rather uncomfortable truths. Do we imagine that acts of violence come out of nowhere ? It’s about time to lay to rest the ghost of the Bush comment “You’re either with us or your’re against us” … or even “You are justifying the deaths of 2000 people”.

That binary thinking must stop ! The world is not made up of either winners or losers ! People live in a rich language of life where all histories and points of view must be allowed to coexist.

So on this eve of the inauguration of President Obama I hope the world can apply it’s hopes of change and betterment into honestly doing the hard work and applying those hopes.

EDIT: I wrote an article about this earlier.”Lost: Is Modern Society Deserted From It’s Past ?“. Partly about the Star Trek Enterprise episodes The Forge, Awakening and Kir’Shara. Those episodes are very clever in the light of what I have learnt. There really is hidden and repressed knowledge. Covered up by those “who fly under the raptors wings” as Star Trek put’s it. I’m convinced now that Enterprise was cancelled by the suits because it made them very uncomfortable. They were too late though.


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