People not Neurotic Nature Worry

So, of course there are global warming measurements, or chemicals that should not be spilled in the river … but what of people ?

Talk about getting the cart before the horse. If people are not well and listened to then how is society supposed to improve it’self ? If you can’t look after yourself then how do we help the Polar Bear ?

I hear so many (but not all) environmentalists bleating at people to “save energy”, or “do your bit for the environment”, but they are often ignorant of the issues effecting people. They proclaim environmental credentials but don’t seem to know anything about the environment that people live in. Injustice, hate, crime, mind control …. and no I don’t mean tin foil hats. I can only take an example that effected me …

According to some scholars of the Mayan tradition the people who built those pyramids in Mexico and Guatemela “dissappeared” (See some work by Jose Arguelles for example). Their traditions “live on” with some of the people in Mexico or other central American countries. I was looking at a picture in one of the albums on the Zapatista website…


See the man at the back. the woman by the window ? There they are … the ancestors of those people are the Mayans ! They never went away into some virtual New Age pipe dream. They are real and now. This is imperialist Crypto Racism. The situation that blights both Mexican and British or American or other people. We were lead into an illusion. The unreal. Where we were expected to wring our hands over the environment while somehow ignoring the very people living in that environment.

It’s about time we forgot about Polar Bears, or Seals, or even Penguins and concentrate on PEOPLE. We are part of the environment as well. Man did not leave the web of life.


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