Launch Sequence Initiated


I started reading Dark Mission by Hoagland and Bara today. I can see why some people have serious problems with these two. But they have not seen the information I have. Read “The Men Behind Hitler” by Dr Thomas Röder, Volker Kubillus, and Anthony Burwell. As well as  “The Deceivers” by Thadeus Holt and Hoaglands and Bara’s brilliant and tenacious research comes jumping out at you in all it glory.

It’s a difficult subject. A story made up of deception and the cruel twisting of young people’s dreams. Hoagland tells a story of an intelligence member handing out “Moon hoax” leaflets at a press conference in the 60’s that seems to be the origin of that hoax “conspiracy”. A deliberate attempt to hide the uncomfortable aspects of space exploration .. well, uncomfortable for some people.

Ask yourself. Where did the United States learn the art of deception operations ? Yep… the United Kingdom. When did they learn this ? Yes. the Second World War. What else did the Second World War get us roped up in ? Yes. Nasty mind control drugs from Nazi Germany. What else ? Yes. Nuclear Weapons. What else ? Yes, an obession with security and military matters above all. Above everything.

Above our need to know that there was a previous intelligent Solar System civilisation, not unlike the Ancient civilisation that existed world wide on Planet Earth that is still being uncovered.

Fear is their game. They give the impression that this is “dangerous information”, that “you should not know”. Rubbish ! Most people will be amazed and maybe even slightly confused. But then it’s time to feed the baby, or look after the kids and it is forgotten until later.

It’s about time people are allowed to decide for themselves, based on the evidence … that has been hidden until now. Seek and ye shall find.


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