Year Zero’ism

So that’s how you do it. Anything considered “politically incorrect” is shoved off into the “mental health” corner. Mad. Deranged, foaming at the mouth “conspiracy theories”, so you can politely relax at your past forgetting dinner parties.

Look. I’m not going to rub your face in it. I like seeing people enjoying themselves at dinner parties ! But, see, this has got to stop. This wilful destruction of memory. Ancient Greece disappears, the Egyptians. Evolutionary theory. Being nice to one another. It all gets thrown out so you can sweep it all under the carpet.

It only happens in China. The War on Terrorism is an elaborate shoe checking exercise at airports. Everyone has our best interests at heart .. and everything works out in the end .. so don’t worry OK.

Keiner warum darum Frag nicht warum … don’t question why.

(Thanks to Ts4EVER on FH forums for correcting my German)


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