Movement for Life

I’d like to see this posted everywhere. Chalked on the pavement. Written in the sky.


Speech by Dr. Rath,
Kerkrade, the Netherlands
April 4, 2009

Speech by Dr. RathThis week we all witnessed at the G-20 conference in London, how fiercely the global battle between the status quo and the forces of change is being fought.

The status quo, represented by the multi-trillion dollar investment businesses of petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals – in short, the oil and drug cartel – is represented by its current political stakeholders France’s Nicholas Sarkozy and Germany’s Angela Merkel.

The forces of change at the G20 are being led by the president of the United States, Barack Obama, who has just been voted into office by the American people with a clear mandate to end the tyranny of oil and replace it with renewable forms of energy.

The G20 dispute is not primarily about mastering the economic crisis. The issue at stake for the cartel and its political stakeholders is much bigger. What is at stake is the very survival of its multi-trillion dollar investment business with oil.

One does not need to be an economist to understand what will happen if under the new US administration the auto city of Detroit starts mass production of hydrogen cars – that is cars using water as energy. Once that happens, people around the world will understand that this very same energy from water can heat their houses, light their cities and energize their public transport.

Hydrogen energy is not new. Every plant, every animal and every single cell in the human body uses this form of energy to produce its biological energy supply. Moreover, 40 years ago, the first human beings reached the moon using hydrogen energy to propel the Apollo rockets.

The transition from the age of carbon energy (oil) to hydrogen energy (water) will solve the energy crisis of this planet for all future generations.

If the people of America and its new administration successfully launch this transition, it will inevitably end the global dependency on oil – as well as the unlimited profits for the Rockefellers and other oil barons.

But even bigger than the economic consequences of this transition will be the political fall-out. The people of the world are already waking up to the sobering fact that energy is not the only field where their illiteracy was the precondition for exploitation.

Millions of people are waiting to join us in the mission that brought us together at this meeting – the need to overcome the devastating consequences of the pharmaceutical “business with disease.”

The cartel knows that once their two main economic legs – the oil and the drug businesses – are recognized by millions of people as a fraud, their rule over this planet is over. No fraud of that magnitude can survive in any democratic society. The only way these fraudulent business models could be continued, is under a global dictatorship.

In spring 2009 the global plan of the cartel is lying in front of us for everyone to see:

A global dictatorship led by key cartel nations, France and Germany, ready to use every economic, political and even military means – including the use of French nuclear weapons – to cement the continued rule of the oil and drug cartel. Under the pretext of fighting the economic crisis, Sarkozy and Merkel cry for a “global economic government.” But what they really mean is to create the first step towards a global dictatorship on behalf of the interests that brought them to power, the oil and drug cartel. That was the background of the battle fought this week at the G-20 between the status quo and the forces of change under US President Obama.

We need to understand this critical moment in the history of mankind. We need to understand that the battle between humanity and the forces of evil has reached a new culmination. But it is not only our responsibility to see the dangers of this situation.

The article continues.

Viva Life ! Against death. The Empire of Lies is falling.

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