Far Cry 2 Did It !


After making a post about the then upcoming Far Cry 2 a while ago, I have now had time to properly play this thing. I posted on the dev blog ages ago while they were asking for feedback …

As much as I like running around with guns, I wonder if you might try putting in some other elements that exploit the obvious power of this engine ? There’s so many times when an incredible atmosphere has been built up only to be ruined by the gun fire and explosions. Can we have extended atmospheric sequences / interaction AND the action ? I think the balance might give the action a lot more impact.

DJ Barney
Posted by DJBarney24, 2007-08-26 19:32:19

I’ve just been playing Far Cry 2 and extraordinarily this is exactly the balance they’ve put in, and I think I and them are right ! Battles suddenly seem loud and brutal, like sudddenly running across a Lion kill in the savannah.

Look further down the comments …

Very promising vision… creating a 50km^2 open world won’t be a simple task, I’m sure. I do have a suggestion though, just in case you haven’t already considered this possibility. Take for example the RPG game Oblivion: also a fantastic open world… The one thing, however, which I felt had a negative and disappointing effect on your sense of reality during game-play, was when you reached the outer boundaries of the map and ran into the inevitable ‘invisible wall’. That was kinda lame. So since you mentioned that your African savannah will be surrounded by an infinite Sahara-like desert acting as a border to the game environment, it would be cool to see something like your character marching out into the deadly desert. For those of us exploratory-type players who purposefully go searching for the games ‘limits’ they can actually head out into the desert. But, instead of an eventual ‘invisible wall,’ they’ll begin to slowly experience the actual effects of dehydration (once they exhaust the water supply which they carry on them) and eventually die in the sun of thirst…etc. I think that these types of effects in general, which would be faded into the ‘outer limits’ of an open game map, would really enhance the players sense of reality.

Posted by RedDragonRider, 2007-08-31 11:00:43

A feature that is also in there ! I’ve always disliked that myself. Hit the invisible wall, or even worse the instant kill zone. When you walk into the desert in FC2 you keep falling over from heat exhaustion. You can just about look around a bit, but continuing is physically impossible.

So congrats Ubi and FC2 dev team. You listened to the comments. Even the final game actually lives up to the early screen shots ! I am astounded by the game that I have bought and am heartened by a case where the game does live up to the hype… for once.


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