A Criminal is a Criminal


Massive Medicaid Fraud Exposed: PsychRights Calls on Members of Congress for Assistance


More Massive Pharma Corruption Uncovered – NAMI – Drug Money Laundering is Illegal

It is they who are “mentally ill”, not us. Because they accept gross brutality as a form of treatment. They are incapable of seeing the glaring faults in their own procedures. They fail to treat people as people and listen to their problems.

No, it is not us that are “ill” …. it is those people who label healthy people as “bad”, just as the criminal labels his target with the label of victimhood.

Moreso as the links show above it is becoming clearer and clearer that these people are simply criminals. They are abusers and murders. Defrauders. Muggers and Predators preying on the weak. They have been playing a game that any criminal plays, of misdirection and deception. Anything to distract away from what they really are, and when they are finally caught they will still probably shuffle their feet and say thay have done nothing wrong. But that is the nature of criminality. See the work of “The Zero“, Andrew Vachss, attorney and novelist extraordinaire if you don’t know what I mean.

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