Example of Psych Employees Sociopathy

To back up what I said in my last article here is a little gem from the BBC News site …

Mental health nurse ‘child risk’


Mental health nurses play a key role in assessing parenting abilities

A key role ? What a huge mistake to put people in charge of “assessing parenting” who have completely sold themselves to the Pharma lie. They believe in diseases that don’t exist. They have no empathy. They treat people like broken machines that just need to be drugged with chemicals that are explicitly labelled as being acutely dangerous neuroleptic drugs. Neuro – nerves, lepto = take hold of. Basically brain damage.

So let me get this straight. You drug parents into a state of brain damaged coma and then you somehow have the skills needed to “assess parenting” ?

Children may be being put at risk because nurses carrying out assessments on mothers with mental illnesses do not have enough training, an expert says.

Training  ? These are people who are trained to maim and kill with drugs ! These are people who have the pure criminal audacity to talk about “children at risk” when they are the same people who drug children into suicides and horrific acts of violence with drugs not passed for use with children (not that they should be used on adults either).

If we could talk about real risk here then we might get somewhere, but at the moment we are inviting the serial killer to come and look after the children. We are setting up the child abusers as those who are “assessing child risk”.

Mental health nurses are often asked to assess the parenting capabilities of mothers with serious conditions such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Here we have the fear and misdirection to distract us from who the real killer is here. Mention nebulous “serious conditions” that don’t exist – because they don’t – there is no Scientific basis for their existence – and we have a cover up. These “nurses” are the one’s who are attacking Mothers and Father’s and their children. Time to wake up please.

But Sarah Rutherford, from Manchester Metropolitan University, said they did not get enough guidance or training.

This is the kind of criminal, no go, la la land that these people live in. It is also a classic example of what Andrew Vachss addresses. Where is the empathy ? Where is the issue of the huge issues to do with the drugs ? How do these people feel about the horrific “side effects” that they are putting parents through ? What about empathy for nurses working in that system ? The huge pressures they are subjected to from Pharma companies – a fearful public who should know better – Doctors ? What about relatives of the parents? Where are they all in this ? Where are they demanding rights for these poor parents ?

She called for a thorough review of practices across the UK.

Yes, if anyone get’s near the criminality of all this then everything goes into “review” does’nt it ?

Ms Rutherford, a registered mental health nurse herself, analysed the policies in place and 30 previous pieces of research on the issue, the Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing reported.

Well, she did not look very far or she would have tripped over the human rights issues here. Pharma corruption. How did you miss it ? Could it be because there is no empathy from these people ? Notice the language. It is cold and calculated. There is no mention of people. Yes people ! No mention of any human angles. It is the rap of the sociopath.

She said developments in treatment meant many mothers were being allowed to care for their children while receiving care for serious mental health problems.

So there it is “receiving care”. Read “receiving a nightmare”. Yes why are Mothers even being given these drugs ? This is a departure from reality. There have been cases of Mothers killing their own children while on these drugs, like the case of Andrea Yates, but instead of revealing the criminality behind it it is the parents who get blamed for “being allowed to care for their children” while receiving … well what is it ?

Could it be the inability to call a spade a spade and call this a criminal issue ? These “carers” are sociopathic predators.

Some studies showed that as many as four in five of mothers under psychiatric care were still involved in bringing up their children.

That is very serious. One of the most repressive and murderous regimes on this planet is allowed to ruin the life’s of parents and it is those very same people who are doing that who are “concerned” for the children. This is an agenda written by criminals for other criminals, a bit like those “sucker lists” published by scammers of people who will accept any criminal abuse as some kind of “help”.

Suckers indeed.

Ms Rutherford said: “It used to be the case that children were taken away from mothers with serious mental health problems.

“Now, this is not the case and that is a good thing because children are often better off with their parents.

I’ve never heard such an inept and dangerous statement. They are prepared to put parents and their children in extreme danger by keeping them together, while drugs that have been proved killers, and the cause of some very horrific behaviour, are left in the equation. When will someone make an criminal allegation about this kind of treatment ?

“But we do not know if children are being put at risk either emotionally or physically.”

Wow ! “We do not know”. Well I do. It is you … YOU .. who are the people putting them at risk. YOU who are the people who put up with killer drugs. YOU who abuse and mistreat and then say “we do not know if children are being put at risk either emotionally or physically.”. Where are the Police ? Where are the Courts and judges or the MP’s ?


It is up to mental health nurses to flag up to social services where an individual’s illness may compromise their child-caring responsibilities.

Read – “it is the extreme effects of the drugs that we force these people on to that put the child at risk.”

But Ms Rutherford said there was no specific guidance from government about how this assessment should be carried out.

The case that is more likely is that the government is dangerously confused and distracted by Pharma propaganda to the extent that they cannot see clearly.

And she said while the nurses get training about child protection, there was nothing about judging parenting abilities.

People with no empathy who use killer drugs get training on “child protection” !? Hmmm. This is definetly Zero territory.

She has called for an audit of the way parenting capacity is currently being assessed, follow-up studies on mothers who have been through the system and improved training.

Gosh. Another audit ? Those never seem to uncover anything about what is really going on here.

A Department of Health spokesperson said: “Mental health nurses do receive training in the assessment of mental health and in addition work closely with specialist social workers in multidisciplinary teams to support people with mental health problems.”

“Multidisciplinary teams” ? Artists ? Human rights experts ? Legal experts ? Priests ? This is simply a smoke screen to cover up the fact that “support” is actually human rights abuses, massive Pharma corruption and public officials who have been blinded to the facts.

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