The Mind Bomb Has Gone Off

Don’t say you weren’t warned because you were. Countless times.

So MP’s have been “revealed” as corrupt. Somehow this means we have “won” and Britain will now become the nation of perfect people that it’s always aimed to be.


Poor people have known that there is rampant corruption for decades. But somehow it’s all been revealed in the last few weeks ! Ha, haaaaaaaaaa!

Don’t listen to them you idiots !

You are being taken for a ride.

The situation in this country is related to the one in Mexico. A “conquering” power elite who are 100% cock sure that they are in control. Manipulating people and public opinion is just a days work for them. They know people love stories about MP’s corruption so if that what it takes to hide the massive corruption going on in the background then that is what they use.

Believe me. This is MUCH bigger than a few MP’s expense accounts. If you believe all that then you WANT to live in a lie. A La La land. Well, good luck to you. I would not stop you from hiding and burying your head in the sand .. but ask yourself this … is today the day when you wake up ? Can you wake up ? Do your people and family need you today ? I’m not saying it would be easy but the rewards are great.

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