Chaos and Beyond

I dug up a old book of mine “Chaos and Beyond: The Best of Trajectories. Mostly by Robert Anton Wilson”, 1994 ISBN 1-886404-00-3. A collection of some of the newsletters that Robert Anton Wilson and his wife used to send out.

First a letter about Vitamin C. The viewpoints expressed here I have only recently understood and are obviously “out there” in the populace. They are not the sole reserve of “quacks” like Dr Rath … far from it.

More on Vitamin C

Dear Editor:

Dr. Linus Pauling’s work on peace and Vitamin C may not
be so divergent as might be thought. Vitamin C has so many
functions in the metabolic factory of the body that to live
without almost surplus amounts of it is to live with a body that
is ill, in almost as many ways as are possible. Every major
organ system is serviced by Vitamin C, including the nervous
system and the brain, and it is little wonder that tension,
irritability, low frustration tolerance, poor impulse control and
madness in many forms and degrees can and do result from
insuiiicient amounts of C.

Dr. Irvine Stone, a long time friend of Dr. Pauling and
author of The Healing Factor: Vitamin C Against Disease,
believed that almost all humans were suffering from
“hypoascorbemia” (lack of suficient Vitamin C) and that many
of mankind’s chronic ills were caused by this condition. In my
own experience as an orthomolecular psychiatrist, almost all of
my depressed and angry patients benefited to some degree by
so-called “mega” doses of Vitamin C. This is not to say that
Vitamin C is a cure-all, and by itself it doesn’t usually cure
depression, but as an adjunct it is indispensable.

A warring world is not reflecting the well-being of healthy
citizens; rather, the pathology of the citizens is manifesting
through war. People are manipulated through their fear and
tension into bellicose anger by leaders who are themselves
driven by fear or greed or both.

Frequently the medical profession assists in this scenario
via monopolized support for medical mystification, thereby
perpetuating everybody’s fear and sense of helplessness, and it
may have been this attitude which has made Dr. Pauling
“controversial” rather than being lauded for the truly great man
that he is.

Robert R. Newport, MD

Santa Cruz, CA

( Chapter 2, page 25 )

Here is some more …

1994 Update

The dispute over Vitamin C (and other non-allopathic herbs,
vitamins and nutrients) has grown even more heated in recent

In 1992, the FDA raided the office of Dr. Jonathan Wright-
a fully qualified MD with his degree from the University of
Michigan Medical School-and terrorized the staff with drawn
guns and other terror tactics similar to the Gestapo or the Drug
Enforcement Administration. (For further details on this raid,
see Trajectories #12, Spring 1993.) The FDA has not yet charged
Dr. Wright with any crime; his offense consists of using chiefly
non-allopathic methods in treating his patients. Dr. Wright,
however, has filed suit against them.

The FDA currently sponsors legislation that would permit
such raids, and suppress most “alternative medicine”-leaving
physicians like Dr. Wright unable to sue even in the most
terroristic raids, and depriving many of us of vitamins and
herbs that we believe have helped heal illnesses or prevented
illnesses before they start.

Opposing the FDA’s power-grab, Sen. Orrin Hatch has
sponsored Senate Bill S 784, which would prevent the FDA from
forcing one type of medical theory on the whole country. S 784
would guarantee in law our liberty to choose. You can add your
name to a nationwide petition supporting S 784 by writing to
Bonnie Miller, Box 528, Gainesville, VA 22065.

Meanwhile, the largest-ever study of Vitamin C, involving
11,348 men followed over a ten-year period concludes that “Men
whose Vitamin C intake was the highest…had a 42% lower risk
of death irom heart disease, and a 35% lower risk of death from
any cause.” (Epidemiology, Enstrom: 194-202, 1992.)
Under current FDA rules no manufacturer or seller of
Vitamin C may mention this study to a prospective customer-
but, amusingly, most history books still erroneously claim that
the Holy Inquisition ended in 1819.

Some paranoid persons of Left and Right claim to find
significance and complicity in the fact that the same few rich
men seem to serve part of their lives as officers of the FDA and
part as executives of the major pharmaceutical companies.
Often, these men switch back and forth several times between
selling expensive (and often dangerous) drugs for Eli Lilly and
its competitors, and policing and working toward a total ban on
cheap and totally harmless drugs for the FDA. We must not
think about this, of course, or we might become “paranoid” also.
Remember the magic banishing ritual: “Coincidence!
Coincidence! Coincidence!” Repeat this word often enough and
it banishes all data that makes you nervous…

Meanwhile, the Surgeon Genera1’s office reports for 1990,
the last year on which we have complete figures, that 360,000
Americans died from tobacco (a subject of no interest to
the FDA), 130,000 from alcohol (another unimportant subject)
and 18,675 from the hard prescription drugs approved by the
FDA. (A statistic you should forget as soon as possible unless
you want to get very, very nervous, and even a little paranoid,

Deaths from Vitamin C that year total 0.00-zero, zed,
none-curious1y, the very same number as deaths from
marijuana, another drug from which our government wishes to
protect us…
(Surgeon General’s statistics quoted from Grey Areas, Fall
1992 and Southern New Jersey Libertarian, July 1993.)

( Chapter 2, page 26 )

From the disgusting corrupt power of the “Health Industry” – just the same as the Church in the middle ages masquerading under a “religious argument” while taking everything that their “flock” had to spare to finance their perversely rich lifestyles – we move to that other “debate” we have going about Global Warming. All I hear are linear arguments parroted by so many people … where are the truly interesting and well researched approaches … like this …

The Global Energy Grid:

1. Coming Soon?

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers will hold a
conference on Buckminster Fuller’s proposed Global Energy
Grid in Anchorage, Alaska, early next year, and Peter Meisen,
leading proponent of the Grid, has been invited by the Soviet
Union to discuss the Grid at their January conference on “The
New Relationship: Joint Projects for the Third Millennium.”
The ASME conference in Anchorage will include Americans,
Russians, Japanese and Europeans from both the areas of
science and finance, and probably represents the greatest single
step toward achieving the Global Energy Grid since Fuller first
proposed the idea in 1969.

Alaska has been chosen for the meeting because experts
agree that integrating the American / Canadian / Soviet electrical
networks across the Bering Straits seems the most logical first
step in constructing the World Grid.

The first inklings of the Grid came to Fuller in the 1920s,
when he observed that electrical networks were growing larger
at an accelerating rate. Calculating the growth factor, he
predicted that networks of 1,500 miles would appear by 1960.
(They actually appeared in 1961.) Fuller did not develop the idea
further until after the 1,500-mile networks existed, but then he
began envisioning a world electric network, and by 1969 had a
practical proposal he felt ready to talk about. (Bucky had an
almost religious aversion to proposing new technologies until he
had all the details clear in his head and could demonstrate their
working principles operationally-an inner discipline unknown
to the critics who liked to dismiss him as “Utopian”.)
Basically, Fu1ler’s World Grid envisions the hook-up of all
existing electrical networks into one synergetic system, as in the
map on the next page.


Dr. Fuller’s Dymaxion Map with global energy grid system
A dymaxion map has minimal land mass distortion
and displays the world not as a separate East-West world,
but as a connected North-South island.

In such a Grid, he realized, the normal peaks and valleys of
electrical usage (“peaks” in the daylight hours when most people
work; “valleys” at night) could average out to maximum cost-
effectiveness for each member nation-a massive win/win
situation. This would at least double the energy available to all
humans, thereby fulfilling his principle that Design Science
should “advantage all without disadvantaging any.”
In other words, a world-wide electric grid would allow poor
countries to sell electricity to rich countries during the night
and buy electricity during the day. Or it would allow any area
anywhere to sell electricity during any “valley” (period of low
usage) to any other area that suddenly required more kilowatts
than normal-any unexpected “peak.” The sociological and
ecological results that might result from this, as Fuller
calculated them, seemed so promising that he announced, “The
global grid is the World Game’s highest priority objective.”

In the 1970s, Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau
expressed keen interest in Fuller’s Grid, and the Soviet
Academy, after investigation, pronounced the idea “feasible and
desirable.” Fuller devoted his last years chiefly to publicizing
and popularizing the plan-an uphill battle in a world where
many literary intellectuals oppose all technology, and the “cold
war” made plans for global cooperation seem unlikely to

Peter Meisen, the organizer of GENI (Global Energy Network
International) and the man who will explain the Grid at the
Soviet “Joint Ventures” conference in January, has listed the
following advantages which Fuller expected to result from the
creation of the Grid:
1. Increasing everyone’s standard of living
2. Reducing fossil fuel demand and its resultant pollution
3. Relieving the population explosion
4. Reducing world hunger
5. Enhancing world trade
6. Promoting international cooperation and peace

The claim that the Grid will raise everyone’s standard of
living rests on the fact that as electrical networks have grown
larger, the average standard of living has improved measurably
in those parts of the world having such networks. Also, Fuller
and associates have shown that many chronic Third World
problems could vanish quickly if cheap energy becomes
available there, as will happen once the Grid exists.
The Grid will lower pollution levels for the following reasons:
a) We will need fewer new generating plants as areas buy
energy from adjoining areas;
b) Non-polluting energy sources, such as solar collectors
and windmills, can easily join the Grid
c) Some ecologically dangerous practices might cease-for
example, the Brazilians might cut down less forest to pay their
national debt if they can make more money selling electricity to
other members of the Grid.

The Grid will lower world population, Fuller argued, because
population has consistently shown the same pattern: it
increases steadily in agricultural economies, and it stabilizes in
industrial and post-industrial economies. (His book, Critical
Path, contains graphs showing birthrate and kilowatt hours
generated in various nations, illustrating his point: as energy
increases, birthrate always drops.) It appears that under-
developed countries overbreed because so many children die in
infancy there. (Also, industrialism always brings an upsurge of
Feminism, as documented in my GAIA articles in issues #4 and
5 of Trajectories; and Feminism always gives women a greater
sense of multiple options.)

The Grid will reduce world hunger, Fuller argued, because
of its effect on lowering population as discussed above and also
because industrialized nations do not have the massive
resource problems faced by agricultural nations.
The Grid will enhance world trade because it creates a
model of non-zero-sum or win/win economics, in contrast to
our traditional zero-sum win/lose models-models created in an
age of scarcity and surviving in an age of abundance only due to
inertia, ignorance and greed.
(For further details on win / win economics, the reader
should consult Fuller’s books and also the works of Hazel
Henderson and Barbara Marx Hubbard.)

Finally, the Grid will advance the cause of world peace by
demonstrating, on a global scale, that we will all profit more by
cooperation than we ever have from traditional imperialist
conflict and its ever-more-destructive wars. With benefits
reaped daily from the Global Grid it will not make sense for any
nation to blow up the other end of “their” energy system.
As Peter Meisen summarizes, “Electricity is the problem and
the solution.” Lack of electricity creates endless struggle
between “haves and have-nots”; adequacy of electricity will
creates a world of abundance.

Actually, the Global Energy Grid seems inevitable to many
who have studied Fuller’s proposal. As noted, networks have
steadily grown larger every decade, and 26 countries already
share grids that cross national boundaries. With the coming
unification of Europe in 1992, the thaw in the cold war, the
increasing exchange of electricity and gas between Europe and
Russia, and so on, the World Grid looks like a logical next step
and not the “Utopian dream” some called it when Fuller first
began promoting the idea 20 years ago.

( Chapter 6, pages 95-98 )

Where are these ideas ? I think that they are buried under social problems. Social anxieties and unfaced emotions. Those who challenge those blocks and make a fuss are perceived as “behaving strangely”. I believe that the Mental Health system *is* the Inquisition. We are dragging off and damaging beyond repair some of the most valuable members of our society. People who simply have some traumatic issue or are endowed with vision of things that many people “can’t see” and so regard as “mad”.

This is why I joined MindFreedom International. This is why I am starting a MindFreedom Contact Point in Lancaster.


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