Suspend the Reality Game – The Pharma Wars are Real

I wonder why some people don’t “get” that the Pharma Wars are real. Millions are tortured and killed.

Could the reason be that they don’t “get” it be that it conflicts with everything some people have been brainwashed into thinking about the West …. the USA and Europe ? Somehow they seem to think that “we” are the pinnacle of freedom and democracy. That somehow just saying so this makes it so. Take this Game Politics news item … “Guantanamo Game Project Halted in Wake of Controversy“. I don’t support people who bomb and kill either. That would be like being a “pro life” anti abortion activist and shooting doctors. But this game just came too close to what people hold at arm’s length so they can hold themselves in their fuzzy idea of being the “good guys”. The longer they hold themselves in that fuzzy area then the more likely they are to support the things that do bad in the world.

You see … it does’nt work … does it.

European and United States Capitalism is the most corrupt regime on the Planet. Holding those willing to be told lies in a net of “democracy” and “freedom” while that world simultaneously asset strips and misrepresents in the name of commercial forces … and I wonder why some people cannot face the dissenter chasing arm of that world. This arm watches for those who get “depressed” … often the first sign of seeing through the lie they have been told. They watch for those who get “depressed” and make sure that they never come out the other side because to do so would lead to seeing through the convenient illusion.

Take the way the 60’s are talked about. I was just listening to something on the radio about Rock and Roll and Hippies. The way it was talked about you would think that this period of history happened to the entire world. Where was China then ? Africa ? Russia ? South America.

We are some of the most arrogant and self centered people ever to hit this planet since maybe the Roman Empire. We’re so preoccupied with preening our identity as the “free” people that we’ve led ourselves down a dark path. A very dark path indeed. This darkness justifies the mistreatment of people in the name of “illnesses” and “care”. Somehow some people are able to stand in front of someone being massively abused and kid themselves that it is something else.

What a waste. What a shame. While we are exploring other planets …


David Scott and James Irwin at Elbow Crater. Apollo 15, EVA 1, Station 1.

(Low quality ani GIF version)

… and achieving things that our ancestors fought for, for thousands of years, there is a situation going on, on this planet that cries out for a solution. It is the Pharma Wars. So I cry out to the other planets out there in every sense of that word … where are you ? We need help here. I see the most profoundly evil and disturbing sufferring going on. Why are the good people of Planet Earth left on their own to try and solve this situation without help ? Is it some kind of New Age philosophy of “oh, we are learning a lesson” … Yuk ! I reject that entirely. Why are we left here to fend for ourselves ?


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