Doing the Vulcan Shuffle

Palden Jenkins describes to me how the term Jihad describes the struggle with the self in the mind. The struggle with yourself. With “your own worst enemy” as it has been put. I still tend to think of things in process terms .. “if that bit of information were known then x would lead to y” and so on and so on. I forget that active change is not achieved by “doing things”. People learn about themselves. We help people to see what they are and how to move through their own minds … then big changes can happen. They are not made to happen by legislation or rallies.

Star Trek. Gene Roddenbury really got it. Look at episodes like Random Thoughts. But I will come back to that.

Dr. Tracy describes how the psych drugs cause a form of sleep disorder. The contents of the unconscious end up in waking reality. These school shootings – Columbine – and other acts of violence are, sadly, as a result of this. Jihad violence that should be in the mind spilling out into reality ?

How can humans be so evil ? How can we commit such acts of total abhorrence ? It is because those things exist in the subconscious of man. They are real, most people are aware of them, but not everyone lets them out, or they know how to settle and control the mind. This is the Vulcan in Star Trek. The message of the Vulcans. In the Voyager episode there is a moment when a Vulcan reveals his subconscious to someone. It is filled with the most disturbing, darkest thoughts !

It can be stopped. The violence in the world is the result of people’s actions. Of course. Those actions are an expression of the life of the mind. Where do we think this violence comes from ?

So maybe it’s not disabling the latest nuclear sub. Maybe disabling one’s messy mind processes disables a thousand subs.


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