Calling Nightjack

This is bloke one …. this is bloke one .. calling bloke two … Nightjack .. calling Nightjack ! Where are your anonymous remailers ? Where is your Tor and Electronic Frontier Foundation ? Where are your secret letters to third party posters ? Why do we stand in the headlights of authority while the cave of discourse is filled with the tools of freedom around us ? Why do we listen to the voice of finality that says that it is all over when it is not. Why is something called “anonymous” when anyone can find out who wrote it ? Would you walk down the street in a disguise with your name printed all over it ? So as we write the reality cheques the “bad guys” fleece us of our money that we left hanging out of our pocket for them to take. We cry “thief” ! While shedding the keys to our safes behind us. What is the world coming to when a decent bad guy has such easy pickings ? It’s no fun anymore. Ya know ?


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