It’s not Just Iran, EU Rigs Votes As Well

The EU’s Latest Power Grab

In some countries they rig votes, in the European Union they repeat votes to get the desired result.

After Ireland last year rejected the EU’s Lisbon Treaty — itself a rehashed carbon-copy of the EU Constitution that Dutch and French voters rebuffed in 2005 — the Irish are being asked to reconsider. There will be another referendum in early October, Prime Minister Brian Cowen said Wednesday, and this time the Irish are expected to get it right. [ SAY WHAT ? LAST TIME I CHECKED A NO VOTE WAS ALSO A “RIGHT” VOTE] In Europe, they don’t take “no” for an answer.

Proponents say the Lisbon Treaty is key to reforming the squeaky institutions of the 27-member union. Skeptics, including a majority in Ireland, see a significant power grab. The Treaty gives the EU a nonelected president, a quasi foreign minister, a beefier defense and foreign policy and fewer national vetoes in a number of policy areas.

To justify a revote, EU leaders put on a big show at last week’s summit, giving the impression of tough negotiations in which Dublin supposedly won important concessions. The main prize Mr. Cowen took home is a protocol that claims to address Irish concerns, such as worries that the Treaty would allow the EU to meddle in Irish taxation, abortion issues, workers rights and neutrality.

Oh really? According to the EU summit’s own conclusions, the protocol “will clarify but not change either the content or the application of the Treaty of Lisbon.” So the Irish will vote on the same text [WHAT KIND OF RIDICULOUS SHAM IS THIS ? WHILE WE BEMOAN THE VOTE IN IRAN THE EU IS BEHAVING IN THIS OUTRAGEOUS MANNER] they previously rejected by a seven-percentage-point margin despite assurances by their government as recently as last month that this would not happen.

In the year since the last vote, the Irish economy has tanked, and a pro-Brussels vote this time is possible if only because many Irish worry that the EU may abandon them in their economic hour of need. It’s a fear the government knows how to exploit. [SO IT’S NOT ALL THE POLITICIANS FAULT. IT’S ABOUT TIME PEOPLE FACE THE FACT THAT THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN THE ECONOMY] A precondition for economic recovery, Mr. Cowen said Wednesday, is to “remove the doubt about where our country stands in relation to Europe.”

Just a couple of weeks ago the bien pensants in Brussels bemoaned the success of euroskeptics in European Parliamentary elections. This latest run-around on the Lisbon Treaty for the purpose of boosting the power of the EU at the expense of individual states is not the way to create more europhiles.

This is just fucking amazing. While the world bleats on and on about democracy … DEMOCRACY … DEMOCRACY !!! We run votes over and over until the “right” result is achieved. THIS IS WHAT EAST EUROPEAN COUNTRIES USED TO DO TO GET THE “RIGHT” RESULT OF HAVING STALIN ELECTED OR WHATEVER MOUTHPIECE HE WANTED IN POWER. WAKE UP GUYS !

The amount of self serving hypocrisy around here at the moment is just staggering. One day animals have souls, the next day they are experimental subjects. One day Human Rights are paramount and the next they are forgotten depending on what set of circumstances is suitable to whatever agenda is in operation. What kind of pre school toddlers class is this ? Three year olds pulling and tugging at each others hair. A Lord of the Flies situation gone madder where we are all abandoned on some meaningless desert island. This is not life. Life was never like this. It’s not just human bahaviour. We are better than this and the pathos involved in doing better is a con job, a lie, an excuse. We have the power to do better and anyone can use it. It’s as simple as that.

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