The Little Armies of the Devil

You tell me that there are plans to medicate us all. “I’m sorry to tell you” you say as you spread those little lies into my mind. You suggest to me that they can take over the world. It’s a shame you say. So sad this evil that we fight.

Well, I’ll tell you something, and I’m going to tell it you now. You are the evil, because you spread the idea that evil cannot be fought. When you should be telling me I’m a billion year old being you just dump negative information on me. When you should be telling me that I live in a Universe that we know not whence it came, you just parrot information at me about poisons and evils.

No, you are the evil because you fall for the lie hook line and sinker. The Devil laughs with glee as you repeat his sophistry and slimy way of looking at the world. If I point to it and say what it is you say that I am “not ready” to do something about it. We are caught in a loop. You repeat the negativity ad infinitum and pollute my mind until I am choked and paralysed.

Please tell me that I am God ! Please empower me to tell other people that they are God and we all have the power to do good !


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