China bans electric shock treatment used to ‘cure’ young internet addicts

More later when I’ve stopped partying. Let’s WIN this one.

UPDATE: As was pointed out to me by some friends there is some evidence that the actual treatment is not ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy), the treatment that actually makes you convulse .. hence the name. It may “only” be electrodes attached to parts of the body (not the head) at a very low voltage.


Frankly I remain sceptical. I have seen these “oh, it just this” response before. For a start they are probably dragging off poor young chinese and subjecting them to the brutal, brain damaging ECT anyway. China did execute this poor fellow for allowing poisons to be added to food, with his knowledge (according to the chinese court). This is not a pleasant game ! I don’t think “oh, it’s not really ECT” responses are very responsible to be honest. Their is a high level of deception in these cases and a seeming willingness to try and distract from the crucial point of this news … revelation … the Chinese are actually doing something about these issues that the West refuses to actually do anything about on a large scale.

This is not a trivial matter, but I see a desire to make it into a trivial mater. “Move along guys, nothing to see”.

Well, no wonder you don’t want anyone looking at this. A third of the world (last time I checked) is banning one of the most repulsive tortures and human rights abuses ever to be used against humans !

Does anyone detect a paradigm shift here ? Sticking our collective heads in the sand ain’t going to cut it this time folks. The elephant is still going to come up behind and kick you in the ass.

I had a “safe treatment” used on my foot as a child. It used ultrasound to try and heal my cramping foot. What the problem really was, as I later found out, was the amphetamine-like antihistamine drugs I was being given (Triludan) that was causing huge amounts of tension in me – hence the foot problem. A classic case of the use of these “safe treatments” in unison with extremely unsafe “treatments” indeed. In fact they are not treatments at all. All this has nothing at all to do with helping anyone and is much more closely related to the history of Eugenics (see Black). Look at the word Hospital .. hospitality, hospitable, and so on. When was the last time you went in a “Hospital” and felt like that ?


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