The Biggest Flanking Manouver in History

So we did away with the healing women. We called them Witches. Yet their treatments live on to the modern day. We call them vitamins and herbs, plant extracts and kindness. Those in the know don’t go to the Doctor they treat themselves because it works.

Victory was supposed to have been obtained in 1945, yet the worst perpetrators of the era, Mengele. The ultimate Dr Death himself. His henchmen and all the other scum and failures of mankind were released ! Footloose and free to carry on their dirty work. So I G Farben becomes modern day pharmaceutical companies. Exactly the same human experimentation that they were doing is allowed to carry on ! What kind of victory is this guys ? You’ve been flanked. The biggest flanking manoeuvre in history ! Where are your military men now ? Your West Point best ? You protectors and your men of intellect ?

This is a pathetic failure where we let our loved one’s be drugged and killed by poisons that we laughingly call “chemotherapy”. The side effects of having a cross bow bolt fired through your cranium. How do you do it guys ? At least the Jews knew they were being annihilated, you seem to think it’s good for you !

Am I supposed to pretend all this is not there ? Am I insane, a nut, for writing this words ? We must be the biggest users and abusers of hypnosis in this galaxy, because that is what we have done to ourselves. Hypnotised our selves into a fools paradise where the name of the game is to find new ways of avoiding the truth.

Well, I want no part of it. Life is beautiful, not a thing to be twisted into some creepy shadow of itself. Humanity is noble, not some group of cattle to be crushed and destroyed. I will rail against your disgusting complicity until the day I die. In my world a poison is a poison. It cannot be used to “help” someone. End of story.


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