Path Beyond Technology


All that military ingenuity. The highly complex, and clever weapons systems. But the war is still lost in Iraq. The war is lost in Afghanistan. If we spent as much time as we do on weapons and defence looking at social problems then things would be solved a thousand fold. Trillion dollar budgets. JDAM bombs clustered under wings along with thousands of miles of fibre optic cable. The internet. Computers. They are all an expression of what’s going on in our consciousness field. The way we have to express problems in mechanistic form. Materialistic. A world without, or with much less technology is almost unthinkable at this juncture, yet that is what is starting to happen as people rediscover their own minds. Think through problems rather than reaching for a device, and see the positive results.

So there is a path beyond consumerism and materialism. As it seems to rule all, suddenly a path beyond it becomes visible. A future barely imagined. New, uncharted, and yet a reflection of the past. Ancient societies, the mind “technology” of the Maya.

Suddenly the frontier is you. The possiblities of your own existence. It is no longer “out there” on Mars, or some far off expedition on Earth that you don’t have the money for. It’s suddenly in your own room. You walk out into it in the day. To the far horizons and beyond. Above and beyond … and existence becomes what it always has been. Nirvana now. Paradise now. God’s adventure with no entrance charge. No decades long qualification procedure. It’s just there waiting for you to use it.

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