The Tail Wags the Dog: But this Mutt Ain’t Happy


( Image courtesy of the Guardian Newspaper )

So now we have the employees of the turbine making company on the Isle of White fighting for their rights and trying to save the only (?!) turbine making company in GB. Recently we had news about the Nuclear Industry revving up to build even more power stations … while MP’s make big statements about green energy. Heard of this before ? The Nuclear Industry. Very rich. Big money. Connected to some of those bigger bombs floating around.

What about the Pesticide industry ? Actually fairly closely connected to the nuclear industry. One word …. chemicals. What could a news story be doing floating around trying to show that Organic food is not worth it ? Could it be that some people are protecting their pesticide and chemical businesses ? Nah, that never happens does it.

In 2002 I watched a video by a very brave lady, Leuren Moret, who tried, and succeeded in blowing the whistle on the nuclear industry as well nuclear testing. She, along with colleagues had compiled conclusive evidence that nuclear testing had spread contaminants across the globe therefore giving us many cases of autism and many other exotic conditions. This is not unlike the recent deformities from pollution case, but on a much bigger scale (see the Corby 16).

“I read about a Dentist in the 1930’s named Dr Western Price. He went all over the world studying indigenous people living on their indigenous diets, and what he discovered is that good health – an absence of Cancer, an absence of tooth decay is perfectly normal in indigenous people living on their natural indigenous diets, and also he discovered that the children have disease free childhoods. I don’t think that we could find indigenous people now who are truly as healthy as they were in the 1930’s, because our whole global environment has been contaminated from the atomic bomb testing which was conducted from the 1950’s up until 1993 when the Chinese finally stopped.” Leuren Moret

Talk about having the wool pulled over your eye’s.

But who win’s ? If everything get’s polluted then that includes the profit making interests that manufacture this derring do. But I guess they don’t think like that.

Are they criminal interests ? Is that why they don’t talk about maximising profits through sustainability ? No responsiblilty, no care for themselves or others ? Just cut and run.

Either way there is an interesting equation here to do with Global Warming and the Environment. Why are some of the environmental protesters naive enough to think that “we just have to change some people’s behaviour” in order to bring about changes ? That may be part of it, but what we really need is a global international court that can pursue worldwide legal cases with the backing of many countries. That way those criminal (well, I’ll leave that to a court to decide, you know) interests can be tackled without them slinking away to some other country or hiding place.

ADDENUM: Actually I found that Leuren Moret has testified at the International Criminal Tribunal for Afghanistan held in Japan in 2003 about usage of Depleted Uranium. I am looking into this further.


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