Don’t Twist my Mellow Man


Here it is. This really twists me up inside if I don’t get it out somewhere. This morning I was listening to morning radio where they mentioned a story told by someone who was at the Bikini atoll nuclear tests. He said that the Scientists were wearing protective gear but no one else was !

This is so typical … so they new then that nuclear testing is very very dangerous. None of this “oh we were ignorant of the effects then” cuts it anymore. That is total bullshit. It’s becoming clear isn’t it ? The usual suspects – the corrupt interests that always start wars for profit – already knew about the lucrative market that could be created in nuclear energy before WW2. So why not hybridise a situation where the technology is pushed through ? While we were fighting for survival in Tobruk these scum of the earth – shadows of men –  were creating this monster while pushing the lie that the WW2 is “the only good war”, that is still being pushed to this day !

The soldiers then, they really were fighting for freedom though, but not in the way they want you to think of them. They were fighting in a greater war. The war for humanity. The war for freedom against traitors of mankind who sell us out day after day to the highest bidder.

These people would really sell their own grandmother to make quick buck.

But this war is rarely fought with weapons. It is based on information. Insight. True knowledge of what we are. These are the things that “they” know nothing about. They have been too busy pushing nuclear energy, or killer drugs, or just too pickled in their own corrupt power to really notice anything anymore.

This extends to the health system. I wonder if the Doctors even use their own drugs on themselves and their families ? Just like the Scientists at those nuclear tests wearing protective gear while other’s die around them.

I don’t mean this as a hate piece. I don’t ask for retribution or revenge. That just makes the problems worse and less likely to be solved. But I think what we see here are the results of Eugenic ideas still very much at the forefront of society. They never left us. They did not die in NAZI Germany as we are led to believe. That is a convenient deception. Eugenics was very much made in America (see War on the Weak by Black). A story I am still understanding.

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