A Better Pill to Swallow


So chemical pharmaceutical business is FAIL. These industrial geniuses have ruined their own business (although there is a lot of evidence that they have been heavily influenced by Eugenic ideas .. see War Against the Weak by Edwin Black and many other sources).

So as in any Capitalist society the entrepreneurs see and identify a niche and are stepping in. In the 50’s Dr Kartar Lalvani had a mouth ulcer. All the products he tried only treated the pain, they did not solve the problem …

No pain, no gain But it was a personal issue that led Lalvani into business. At that time, he suffered from mouth ulcers and had failed to find a treatment on the market that worked for him. They might alleviate the immediate pain, but they didn’t cure the problem.

(quoted from “A Better Pill to Swallow”, The Sikh Foundation)

These revelations came to me while reading my Independent Newspaper. There they were. Two health product adverts. Have they been in the paper’s before ? If they have been then I missed them.


Notice the Pharmacies listed, Boots, Superdrug … the same commerce that does business with the chemical companies … but as I have pointed out before, this whole system is driven by Capitalism. If the products kill the customers then you are in big doo doo. Here’s another advert.


Vitabiotics has an interesting history as you can read in an interview (Vitabiotics started in the UK). HealthAid seems to be an American company with a branch in this country.

So  I predict that we are starting to see the downfall of the chemical pharmacetical companies, unless of course they start selling products that don’t kill and injure people. Pure and simple.


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