Stop Treating Us Like Animals !

This happened to me …

Jungle Friends discourages primates as ‘pets’ and we hope the practice of stealing baby monkeys from their natural mothers will end. Baby monkeys are literally pulled from their protective mothers, sometimes when they are only three days old, to be sold as ‘pets’. It is not hard to imagine the horror both baby and mother monkey must feel during this traumatic and forced separation. Sadly, it can take a lifetime for the grief-stricken mother to come out of a depression brought on by this thievery and there are always scars left on mother and baby from such cruelty.

Quoted from Facebook cause page.

This is EXACTLY what was done to me and my Mother. I was drugged when I was six .. about the equivalent age to the age that these monkeys were at ? It was my Mother who was even forced to administer this killer “medication” to me ! No wonder she got into so much trouble in later years and eventually died. She was depressed as much as these monkey Mothers are !

Stop treating us the same way you treat these animals ! I am not here to be drugged, corralled, beaten and pushed around like so much cattle. Damn you and your cruel trade. You trade animal and human alike in your regime of drugging and torture. Damn you all to hell ! That’s all you deserve you and your kind. The End.


One thought on “Stop Treating Us Like Animals !

  1. Yes, Barney, early separation can cause trauma and fear. The psychiatric system is responsible for separating me from my baby two days after her birth. This continued for 4 months while I was drugged and electroshocked. The same system is responsible for many crimes but is never held culpable. These crimes need to be exposed.

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