Frankenstein Robots

This guy got it …

What a hero. A very moving story as well and what an influential character. He has influenced Coldut, Bluejam and many artistic and creative endeavours that go on to this day.

I’m dealing with his Frankenstein slavery at this very moment. Caused by the use of toxic DESIGNED so-called medications made by souless spiritless robots intended to make you into what they are.

That DELIBERATE approach produces the most peculiar Frankenstein like behavior. I often catch myself misunderstanding the most simple things and imagining things to be one way when they are really another. This leads to the most excruciating frustration because the mind knows it is being coerced at the most basic level.

This is the utter seriousness and profound nature of “anti-depressant” and other drugs. Are we really this gullible ? Why does MindFreedom say “we will support people who have made the decision to use these drugs” ? Of course we should support them. But why aren’t they warned in the strongest terms possible that those drugs will DESTROY them ?

PLEASE tell me. How can someone make that decision when they have been turned into a Frankenstein Robot !? MindFreedom is supporting people who will do anything to propagate the lie that these drugs “help” in anyway what so ever.

It is also justifying the rape and destruction of these people because they made the “choice” to take them. This is like listening to an abused wife saying their abusive husband looks after them ! Have we all become this stupid to the extent that we can say all these wonderful liberal sounding things but REFUSE to look the problem and the truth in the face ?

These drugs should and MUST be permanently BANNED as a genocide against the mind, spirit and soul of humanity. To say anything else is to support evil in it’s most pernicous form and a I strongly urge anyone who believes that people taking these drugs have been given any choice WHATSOEVER in the decision to go away and drink a VERY STRONG cup of coffee and think CLEARLY about this problem.

Otherwise we are just selling out and betraying these poor people.

Frankenstein slave

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