The Jackal


My mission was simple. To kill the Jackal, the bastard that armed both sides.

( Far Cry 2)

In the Dogon religion and mythology The Jackal is the “bad seed”, an experiment that went wrong. The Jackal does not know of the existence of the Soul. The Nummo are identified with the Smiths of Heaven. The source that understands the frequencies of DNA and the multitude of life that springs from it. Nothing really goes extinct. Sometimes a species cannot sustain it’self in physicality so the species departs as can be witnessed in so many geological strata’s. But the pattern never really goes away. If the same evolutionary niche arises again then the correct species mysteriously reappears.


The Dogon suggest some kind of interference in man’s DNA. In the Celtic Hallstadt Culture there is some suggestion that Smith’s are associated with dangerous Wizards. The suggestion goes on to concern itself with the Nummo (as they are called) interfering with human DNA making humans more animal like.

Pharmaceutical drugs interfere with DNA (this is why it’s difficult for the body to heal health problems while someone is on them … cells cannot regenerate properly). It is a form of interference and human experimentation. An experiment. In the same way as examined by the Dogon (at least in the light that the author of “The Nummo” examines Dogon myths). The drugs are soul destroying and removing, encouraging animal behaviour in some people where they go bezerk and attack anything near them.

The Jackal. The Bastard that armed both sides …. with drugs.

This has happened before hasn’t it. I know it. Therefore there is knowledge out there that can help us through this mess.

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