Pfizer to pay $1.3 billion criminal fine – NOT GOOD ENOUGH !

Here is a comment from a member of the Natural News site.

IMHO 1.3 billion isn’t enough. The FDA and Pfizer should both be shut down and people should go to prison. That’s what would happen to almost anyone else. We are not dealing with just money here, we are dealing with people’s lives. David Mathis 10/20

Well said ! A 1.3 billion fine sounds amazing, but that was a ruling based on the fact that people have had their health ruined and died as a result of these “off label” practices. Why are people who are murderers allowed to walk free ? Other court cases (like the Eli Lilly one) have shown that employees know that their drugs are actually damaging and killing people. What is it about this area that allows the excuse of a gross criminal act ?

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