Paper Tigers

In her book A Paradise Made in Hell, Rebecca Solnit shows how out of 700 and then 1000 studies of disasters it has been shown that 99% of the time people behave in a rational manner and a humanistic one. Far from the myth of “societal breakdown” we have tales of community and altruism in extreme circumstances.

My Father once stated to be forcefully that “you do realise there is a thin line, Barney, between Society and societal breakdown?” … This key moment came to me while reading this book. It is key to understanding why so many people are prepared to carry out gross injustices against people deemed to be “mentall ill”. People will even drug themselves with extreme “medications” that cause years of hellish health effects if they pick up a hint of “breakdown”. Why ? Well this is it. It’s because of this myth that there is some thin line between a civilised human and a violent animalistic one. This even carries through to a self fulfilling prophecy where we are told that a man “can only take so much” and that “every man has his breaking point”. The accusation being that underneath is some rabid animal just waiting for you to get tired enough for it to break out and cause all sorts of chaos.

A thin line.

Well I’ll give you a line and I draw it in the dust in front of you here and now. This is the line that you cross when you fail to match up what we imagine things are to that of the reality. How dare you not listen. How dare you blithly carry on drugging and maiming with drugs that CAUSE people to act like murderous animals in some cases and then use THAT as a reason that you are right. When the evidence is there to show that there is no “thin line”. It shoes that the best in societies comes out in a disaster, and in the individuals in that society. Far from “stress” … “triggering mental illness”,  you actually come in … notice someone struggling to survive and fight for the best in life and it is YOU who project all your worst ideas about life onto them !

This is the behaviour of the “universal criminal”. That minority that has killed. maimed and tortured it’s way to the top in a competition society where the most brutal minority can smash and grab it’s way to the top so that they can use psychological projection to project what THEY are onto a few poor people called “Schizophrenics” or “Bipolar”, or “Depressed”.

A few months ago someone next door to me lost his temper and started smashing things around. The police vans were there and he was taken away never to be seen again. I get the feeling he was being subjected to this pernicious thought form that attacks some people. It is virulent and repulsive, ramming the worst assumptions about humanity down your throat with no evidence, no alternative and no choice in the matter.

“It’s just the way things are”, it says, or even worse “life is shit”.

NO ! It is YOU who is shit ! Because you never bothered to check the evidence. You never went on to Wikipedia or down to the Library. You just listened to the worst side of yourself and ASSUMED that it was true. In the Christian Religion this is called Sin. Silently manifesting the worst traits of yourself and never challenging them. Everything is always someone else’s fault or is just “human behaviour”.

This thought form … it is a Paper Tiger ! It exists in a Gold Fish Bowl that it assumes is “life” or “human behaviour”. The reality of the outside world appears distorted and intimidating through the glass of the bowl creating a fear filled thought form that looks scary enough. But it is based on nothing because it does not match up with reality (remember that?). It is made of paper .. a Paper Tiger.


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