Psychological Afflications and the Immune System

The immune system is closely related to consciousness. It is the immune system that fights off viruses and psychological afflications. Some viruses are known to effect animal behaviour and the way they think about things, even seeking particular food stuffs or environments and situations. In our culture where we eat all the wrong foods. We contend with environmental toxins and pollution. Our immune systems are weakened. The reason I say this is this … what are we letting in when we allow ourselves to get into this state ?

My family, of which I am no longer now a part, drugged me when I six. That left me in a state where I was being psychologically projected onto by a member of my family. I blamed it on myself and sometimes went away and self harmed as a consequence of this (I no longer self harm). Yet I’m left battling psychological afflictions I still have many years later where I’m still blaming the “shift of blame” that someone else was doing, on myself ! This family member would get angry about everything and consequently never find solutions to problems which got worse and were then blamed again on the victims.

A classic cycle of family abuse and break down.

But by how much was health involved ? Weakened immune systems with goodness knows what viruses and pathogens in them ? We like to think we are in control, but nature has an uncanny way of changing the rules when we least expect it. Has my family been under attack because of the sins of my society ? Using pesticides, pollution, bad farming, ignoring the ancient wisdom telling how to live in harmony with nature. We think we can get away with it, and yet we never did. All those “tragedies” and “diseases” .. where do we think they came from ? We’ve become so arrogant we can’t even admit it’s because of what WE have been doing to ourselves and naure … just like my family member blaming everyone else for their failings and mistakes.

What a mess.

Still, she got you good and proper didn’t she .. tee hee. You see you can’t get away with spraying toxins all over her. She will just retaliate. Or put another way .. what we do to the web, we do to ourselves … and that is meant quite literally. Spray toxic pesticides and what do we get … ? Yep .. people are force fed toxic drugs .. based on the chemistry of pesticides. This is exactly what happened with the Thalidomide drugs and other prescription drugs that are based on the chemistry of pesticides.

This has to be stopped ! It is insane ! The so called “mental illnesses” are a lie and a sham. It is this attacking of the web and by definition ourselves that must be stopped.


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