Seperate From They Neighbour: A Story of Political Awakening

The comedian Bill Hicks called Great Britain a “socialist nightmare” and, 15 years later, I think I’m realising what he meant by those words.

Everything is done for us. If there is a problem the Police are called. Health problem. Doctor or Ambulance. Money problem. Bank. Clothes. BHS. Moral problem ? Self help books. Problem with the mind ? Mental hospital. The entire thing is geared towards a top down approach to treating citizens like naughty children who can’t be trusted to work things out between themselves. A lot like some former East European Soviet satellite state.

Is this why so many people seem so disempowered ? Boring ? Half freakin’ dead ? If I went out onto the street banging a pan shouting about the injustices going on in my society someone would call the police and I would be dragged away ! In South America and other countries people are much more used to getting together and doing things for themselves. The last time this happened here was in the Blitz, over 60 years ago ! Maybe Great Britain will be the last place the revolution that is sweeping this planet will reach. Until then “patient groups” will campaign for cheaper drugs from an NHS that fails to treat most treatable diseases having been sold out years ago to pharmaceutical companies (everyone already knows this I suspect despite the stony silence to such observations).

Our soldiers will continue to be sacrificed in foreign wars that go unexplained. Maybe there is no explanation for them. No convenient conspiracy theory or corrupt minister, just a lot of receipts from the arms insdustry that this country seems to romance .. a bit like The Jackal in Far Cry 2.

Mental patients will continue to be frog marched off to their deaths from “suicides” (read: the drugs killed them) because anyone with a problem must have things done for them, not by the actual society they live in. So apart from the odd kind lady bringing around a casserole for that poor familiy down the street going through a crisis. That will be all you get ! If you can’t survive the social darwinism, then tough. You should have got the state to help you anyway. So like those people from the former East Germany risking their lives going across the East/West wall people trying to escape this crap have become “corrupted by Western decadence” and obviously can’t see the wonderful life that East Germany can make for them.

People will continue to have a great time ! Shopping in their town centers full of commercial messages and mixed advertising telling everyone what a wonderful consumer society they live in. Our schools will continue to be geared towards “careers” rather than telling people what they are … Gods exploring the Galaxy. Unless they are lucky enough to work it out for themselves .. otherwise it’s a life of “careers” and possibly even drugs for you.

The country will continue to fail to notice that the rest of the world is changing around it, making the ultimate solipsistic error of mistaking self for world.

Yes, sometimes I worry about Little England. Will they be able to take it ? Actually I think they will be able to. Once the myth of that “anarchy and chaos” outside of “government control” fades away like a mirage in the desert, then they will find that people power can easily replace “government”. I don’t know what form it would take exactly but isn’t that what makes this fun ?


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