SS NHS – Part 1


Downfall. It was the Führer’s birthday. 20th April 1945. In ten days they would commit suicide as Berlin fell around them.

“Mein Fuhrer! The plans to be put into action after your death have been completed!”

“Ja, ja. Das ist gut. Those bohemian fuckers will never forget me! They will believe we fell for forever in this bunker mein commandant !”

Hitler signs the documents.

“Achtung! Herr secretary! Take these signed papers to the I G Farben bunker at once ! Sargent ! Provide an escort !”

So it was that the terrible research that would soon be revealed at the Nuremberg Trials was put into action in a plan missed in the chaos of those days. The world would soon be plunged into a Cold War. There was no time to investigate the post war plans of a dying and dead regime.

<Change of scene to the modern day>

The chemist signed off the last batch of drugs ready for delivery from the new Pharmaceutical factory. It was late and it had been a long day. He said goodnight to his secretary and wandered out to the company car park. He always parked under some trees to keep his car cool. As he fumbled for the key a shadowy figure emerged confidently from the foliage. Oddly he felt no fear despite the recent spate of muggings in the area.


“You are Doctor Flieschieg ?”

“Yes, what do you want?”

He tensed slightly expecting some kind of attack.

“I am from an organisation. We have some information that you must hear. It is of the highest importance.”

He relaxed. This was no mugging.

“Come. Sit in my car. People will wonder what I am doing speaking to you here.”

“Hello, my name is John. Our organisation is called Friedens Richter. We believe you may be receptive to this information.”

“You have been monitoring me?”

“Your blog ?”

“Oh, that.”

The figure called John (what is this?!) reaches into his coat and removes a small folder.

“These documents contain proof of who we are. We retain strict confidentiality at all times. We will never mention your name. In it you will find the most explicit evidence of what your company is really involved in. We are not a vindictive organisation Dr Flieschieg. We believe in the best in people. They are only misguided. Thankyou for your time.”

Before he could say anything, the figure called John had left, closing the car door softly behind him.

He looked at the folder with an odd feeling of deja vu and forboding. It was time to return home to his wife. This had been an odd sort of evening.


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