The Insanity Sect

It’s not “mental patients” who have mental health problems, it politicians like Peter Hain.

Last night on Question Time it was the 5th November. The Fireworks in my town seemed rather low key, but the Fireworks in the BBC studio were blowing away a murderous regime. Robert Kilroy-Silk lit the fuse and the entire sick lie of the WOT, Iraq and Afghanistan went up. The game is over folks. People like Peter Haine are insane in the truest sense of the word. They repeat the same thing over and over even with the same result as they got before. They talk in contradictions, lies, and double binds.

At one strange point Haine sat there blinking in a regular-beat pattern for about 10 to 15 blinks. Wierd.

Robert Kilroy-Silk pointed out that the main threat is from domestic terrorism, committed both by white and coloured people ….

2007 1 November: Police searching for indecent images of children arrested British People’s Party local organiser Martyn Gilleard in Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire under the Terrorism Act, over explosives found in his home. He was subsequently charged with possession of material for terrorist purposes and collection of information useful to a terrorist, and also pleaded guilty to possessing 39,000 indecent images. He was jailed for 16 years.[31][32][32][33][34]

( Source )

Of course there are Islamic, Muslim and other people of various ethnic origins who sadly get involved in terrorism or resort to acts of violence. But there are “white” British people who want to do that  as well. Look at the former IRA or even the noises the BNP are making. This is extremism.

Robert Kilroy-Silk also quoted the statement by a major analyst in the USA who has stated that Al Qaeda is much less of a threat and their network has fallen apart (still trying to confirm this).

Hain looked like one of the Israeli administration. Out of touch, vengeful and violent if not actually insane. Now, I don’t say this lightly by the way. I only say this because he was showing all the symptoms. His sentences full of internal contradictions and a total unwillingness to listen or correct his behaviour. The next question moved on to something else and he actually said “I stand for Human Rights, Social Justice and Democracy”. He also said something about “Afghanistan will have Democracy for the first time in it’s history”. This guy did not go to my O Level history classes. This is exactly the mistake the Americans made after World War Two. They wanted to see “free and fair elections” in some far East European states. The soviets at the time seemed to agree. But “free and fair” meant something entirely different in their culture of the time. “Free and fair” meant everyone giving a vote for the predetermined Soviet leader of the time. Of course it was a kind if sham but it was also communism of which many people did believe in.

Afghanistan does not have democracy for a very good reason. It is made of independently administered regions. That way of living has been in there culture for millenia. Any reading Afghans please correct me if I am incorrect. I have not visited you country. But I’m not stupid and I do not easily take on board the mess of contradictions and double binds that Hain spews out. Some people would call it “lies”. I think it’s something much more serious than that. It’s insanity of the highest order. An insanity that get’s people killed for no good reason and then carries on making the same mistakes.

He is corrupt ….

Peter Hain’s campaign failed to declare £103,156 of donations, contrary to electoral law

( Source )

What was he even doing on Question Time ? We have to get our own house in order. Politicians use public money with impunity. Banks can demand huge “bailouts” (read: more triple whiskies all round). The NHS is run by a load of drug barons forcing the latest killer “medications” down the throats of our children and even making some good people believe that they are being “helped”. It’s a mess of corruption, criminality and brutality. No doubt some parts of Columbia are like this, or some of the corrupt African states. But, of course this is heresy and I would be locked up and killed for it. Great Britain is supposed to be some bastion of fair play and goodness. Well, folks it ain’t. This all stinks and people who cannot see it are walking around like the upper class in Medieval London with posies under their noses.

But there is hope. Look at the history of Latin America, or any of the “velvet” people revolutions. It’s nothing to be scared of. There does not have to be violence and entire regimes can be swept away by people power. It can be done. We are the one’s who are in control really, always have been always will be. A change is exactly that. It’s not some risk of letting “anarchy” take control as those who have much invested in government would have us believe. Most people are honest hard working individuals who are quite capable of looking after their own communities. It’s time for those people to believe in themselves.

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