Run Jackals !

Dammit, there is something here …

A central assumption behind psychiatric diagnoses is that a disease has an objective existence in the world, whether discovered or not, and exists independently of the gaze of psychiatrists or anyone else. In other words, neolithic people had post-traumatic stress disorder as have people in all epochs since. However, the story of post-traumatic stress disorder is a telling example of the role of society and politics in the process of invention rather than discovery.

The diagnosis is a legacy of the American war in Vietnam and is a product of the post-war fortunes of the conscripted men who served there. They came home to find that they were being blamed for the war. Epithets like “babykiller” and “psychopath” were thrown at them by some who had watched on television the US military’s atrocities against defenceless peasants. This reception was a primary factor in the well publicised difficulties---such as antisocial behaviour---that some military personnel had in readjusting to their peacetime roles.

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The Psychiatrist in his mainstream unrepentant form far from decrying the Vietnam war as unjust makes the Vietnam vet into an unseen figure. This is Rambo mistreated and pushed over the edge until he snaps. Of course picking up the gun is wrong but are we stupid enough to realise why some people do that ?

Far from being a passive act on the part of the Psychiatrist we have a very strong passive-aggressive stance by them using terms like PTSD. In fact far from being passive their acts are highly politicised. In fact they are right in there with the military-industrial complex. This is why ECT was first used on Soldiers after the First World War.

This is soulless. This is the Jackal in Dogon Mythology. An experiment gone horribly wrong. Is the solution there in our world myths ? I think it is. We are led to believe that these horrific acts are banal or just “human nature”. This is the central lie in my opinion. That there is supposed to be no solution. There are answers and if I don’t find them someone else will.


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