Gang Raped

I’m still trying to keep up with this one.

Global Warming. “The Green Revolution”. New Labour will finance and encourage a green economy made up of softly purring wind farms and solar panels.

Then the “Financial Crisis” hits. The asset stripping begins and the rape of Rule Brittania continues. Billions to the banks. Tripple whiskies all round ! I hope our livers can hold out !

Now the wind farm factory in the Isle of White has been removed the Nuclear Industry can come sweeping in with multiple new power stations. We’ll even alter the planning laws for them to rush them through because “they will reduce CO2 emissions”. Hang on. I thought we were supposed to be increasing CO2 for your lucrative carbon trading markets. Oh ! I’m so confused.

Kinda reminds me of the gang rape of my family. A toxic mix of psychiatry, pharmaceutical companies, corrupt Doctors and socio-political experiments gone wrong. Is it lke this to live in Columbia or Gaza ? Maybe they get more peace than here.

Well, fuck em. Fuck you you selfish rich bastards and your self-serving selfish ways. You’ve lost hands down. You don’t understand Love. You don’t understand people. You are a corrupt, crass minority who’s time is over.


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