The Evil is Inside All of Us

“An unloved truth” as my BF2 Vietnam mod says … “is that the evil is also inside us”.

The Voyager episode Cold Fire examines this issue with Kes finding she has some dark impulses she knew nothing about. The Vulcan comforts her with “without the darkness, how would we recognise the light?”. And “the Vulcan heart was forged in brutality”“to ignore and deny the darkness would give it an opportunity to escape”.

This is what has happened on Planet Earth. So sure are we that we are the good people. It’s always coming from somewhere else. Certain people I know cannot see the destruction and horror they have participated in. The darkness has been denied so it has escaped to rampage around raping and killing. This is what the film Forbidden Planet is about. The Scientist cannot see that the alien technology is manifesting his worst impulses. Do we want to end up lke this ? Destroying ourselves through our own technology ? Because we cannot grapple a balance in our own minds ?

Is anyone out there.

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