60’s x 1000

I recently found out that a Doctor in the late 90’s won a case against the FDA to use an alternative Cancer treatment. Kept that one secret did’nt you folks … till now.

From Mental Health to Health Food, people are emancipating themselves, challenging and winning against multi billion dollar industries. from Exo Planets, to Community Living this is the 1960’s times 1000 ! Bless those brave souls who trail blazed the way over 40 years ago so now we can look back to them for permission to say .. IT’S OK !

It’s OK to win and make life worth living. It’s OK to create wonderful things and show the future to our children. THE UNIVERSE IS THEIR PLAYGROUND.

The tired old prison is nothing now. It lies in a heap of ruins with sad old men believing they have “control”. May God reach out to them with kindness and show them that it’s OK to let go of their old world.



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