Hook, Line and Sinker

I’m so fed up with this “there are so many people taking antidepressants now”, or “they have plans to drug us all you know”.

It’s fear mongering, it’s stupid and it’s also being a nice little advert for big companies. All companies want you to believe that “everyone” is using their product. Look at Microsoft who inflate installation figures when there are a lot of PC’s converted to Linux that go unrecorded. No one knows what the numbers are.

Same with the pills. How many get flushed down the loo, shut in a cupboard never to be used or just thrown away ? What about all the people who don’t use those therapies and never go near a Doctor ? We don’t hear about their “miracle cure for Schizophrenia” because they never got diagnosed with it. Whatever problem they had they used some other solution and moved on.

So please don’t be a free sales person for these big companies. I know it’s tempting to join in. If you really want to then why not send in a job application ?


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