Spy vs Spy, Psycho vs Psycho

What is it with this debate about abusers and bullies in the system ? Why do I keep coming across people who are “fighting” or “campaigning” for change who act exactly like the “psychotics” they claim to “fight” ? They exhibit the same mealy mouthed “I am right you are wrong” behaviour. They are unwilling to get into a discussion in case – horror of horrors – they might have to adjust their viewpoint..

Well I’ve got news for you people, I do it all the time. I listen to people who tell me things I don’t want to hear and it ain’t easy. But MAN ! Is it rewarding. I find out things about myself and the situation that I never could have found out myself.

Where is the humility of these people ? They seem to play the same game AS the abusers and bullies. They subtly wind you up over months. Ignore your viewpoint, change the subject until you feel invisible and unwanted. Play a game of double bind where it is THEY who are the good people “fighting for justice”. MAN OH MAN ! Have these people ever lived ?! Do they go back to a little cave ? The EVIL is inside as well. We have to do personal work as well and not fight this ridiculoulsly monolithic game of “good guy vs bad guy”. Spy vs Spy. Psycho vs Psycho. Lock and load and face the madness !


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