OFP2:DR After Action Report

OFP2:Dragon Rising

We were inserted nearby to the ambush location. I carefully spotted possible enemy locations and carefully studied the terrain for height advantages and cover. Took out some early opposition – a sniper post at the top of the hill we were on. I was worried about our gunfire attracting too much attention so I moved towards POW location as soon as possible. Drone had already taken out lead vehicle and POW’s had armed themselves and were defending their position. I tried to approach using cover. I almost used ruined building as cover above enemies but thought better of possible attack heli’s seeing us there. Flanked enemies from side as POW’s divided their attention. Then moved to higher ground behind enemies and moved in.

POW’s OK. Enemy special ops suddenly inserted nearby. Time to go ! Took unlikely (not obvious) route away from special ops team moving to higher ground and back to orginal insertion hill top location. Careful use of cover and encountered light resistance but avoided. Dropped to ground whenever heli was nearby although had problems with POW’s as I had not ordered them properly to hold fire (giving away position). This may have been why we encountered a special ops team at the top of the hill, but they seemed surprised and quick return fire by my fire team and POW’s got the upper hand.

Extraction was 2km away ?! Took zig zig route away from spec ops encounter which threw them off. In fact I mistakenly went in the wrong direction (away from objective) and had to correct but this seemed to save the day as when another special ops did find us I had been carefully orientating the team in strategic positions. The spec ops team encountered us unexpectedly as they came over the top of a hill and made easy targets. I forget the name of the tactic but sometimes it’s better to be on lower ground if you may encounter an attack coming over the top of a hill.

With spec ops out the way it was a case of avoiding heli’s and checking ahead with bonocs for hostiles. We reached a view of the extraction area but the enemy had some soldiers in the vicinity of the buildings there. From about 700 meters I ordered fire team to flank left and flanked right with me and the armed POW’s. This seemed to work as we quickly took out a sniper and some soldiers. As we entered the town other soldiers were possibly distracted by fire teams left flank. In fact fire team did not seem to fire and acted purely as a diversion. After we cleared the town me and the POW’s took shelter in a building. Holding extraction helo confirmed coming in for landing now zone cleared. I ordered my fire team to quickly move from their flanking position to extraction. Boarded helo and ordered team and POW’s into helo. Mission success !

Not one death and not one wound for the entire mission, fire team and POW’s. Is that a record ?

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