It’s 65 million years ago all over again

(I do not wish to justify species extinction in this post, only to examine the anxiety surrounding it)

Luis and Walter Alvarez at the K-T Boundary in Gubbio, Italy 1981 (Photo: LBNL)

Iridium. Specifically the Iridium anomaly discovered by the Father and Son team you see above – Luis and Walter Alvarez, a physicist and geologist, led to one of the greatest discoveries about Earth’s history; the extinction of the Dinosaurs and 70% of other species in what was almost certainly an impact event possibly coupled with some kind of pre-existing climate change. This was only confirmed in around 1990 with growing evidence from the Chicxulub crater in the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, that indeed there was a mass extinction meteorite event.

There have been other mass extinction events in Earth’s history, and, far from wanting to justify such awful events, it got me thinking. Are they part of life ? There is evidence that the forms made by DNA are not lost. DNA is an extremely mysterious entity that has a close affinity with light and the quantum substrate. When someone says “extinct forever” what do they mean ? Will they be here in 2 billion years to check if they are right ? There is some evidence that evolution reuses forms and adaptations have arisen independently (references on their way for this paragraph when I get to it) .

So there is all this anxiety surrounding climate change and our impact on the planet. Why so much anxiety ? Of course pollution must be stopped. We have to use Solar energy to shift to a hydrogen economy and budge the nuclear lobby out the way. Did you know they supressed sea wave energy technology in the 70’s ? Anyway I digress. We are living through a 65 million year ago extinction event. We are like that meteorite, although of course there are probably other factors as well. Maybe if we can drop the anxiety over what, after all, is a natural part of life – death – then we can move on and make the best of things.

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