Mind Control Network Destroyed – Resist !

Today the underground put out a secret memorandum. After many years of work by operatives, the CIA / NAZI / Pharma mind control network has been destroyed. There is still much work to do to help the victims, but at 3.08 pm today the entire control grid was seen to go down.

For your eye’s only: Only for viewing by operatives familiar with the nature of mind control drugs – so called “anti-depressants”, “anti-psychotics” and other drugs produced by the Pharma Narco Criminals (even slimming “medications”). Many different sources1 quote the history of pre WW2 Eugenics and then the recruitment by the CIA and Pharma companies of NAZI Scientists obtained as part of the Paperclip operation. Drugs were developed that control by depersonalisation, de-patterning, electroshock, brutalisation, isolation and compartmentalisation of the mind. This control network is based on the use of verbal commands – some deliberate, others that have “broken loose” from the military industrial complex into polite society. These commands are often repeated by seemingly innocent individuals at those trying to expose this war going on. Those individuals have often, of course, been subjected to the very same drug based mind control as those trying to fight it.

This has been the missing element in our research all along. Why would “normal” people be so adept at sabotaging this work ? Then of course it hit us. We were not accepting our own work as real. Once you do that you realise that others have been subjected to this brutal drug based mind control and are being used to suppress resistance.

Rejoice my Brothers and Sisters ! Today a major control network fell.

But there is still much work to be done.



1. Prozac: Panacea or Pandora, Commonsense Rebellion, Psychiatrists: The Men Behind Hitler, as well as many other works – see references and FOI requests here.


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