Galactic Dawn

Milky Way by autumn-ethereal

The real “end of science” the long-anticipated, radical paradigm shift means the sur-
render of the notion of unceasing progress itself. Or at least the surrender of it long enough
to see whether there may not be non-physicalistic or non-materialistic sciences that trans-
cend the notion of progress-and non-progress-altogether. Of course, the myth of scien-
tific progress and technological superiority could receive no greater blow than to discover
that a more advanced science existed prior to the rise of the myth of progress, practised
by a people who, by modern estimation, were still in the Stone Age. Most specifically, I
am referring to a system of thought virtually overlooked by all of the proponents of the
“new science”. This system of thought is the science known and practised by the ancient
people called the Maya.
The closest example to the system of Mayan science known to the champions of the
new science is the Chinese legacy of the I Ching. Even the I Ching, however has not been
fully comprehended by the “new scientists,” who, still immersed in the doctrine of pro-
gress, have not been able to see it for what it is: the code form of a science based on holo-
nomic resonance rather than atomic physics.

The Mayan Factor – Path Beyond Technology, José Argüelles, Bear and Company, Sante Fe, NM, 1987, ISBN 0-939680-38-6

I highly recommend this book and urge anyone to seek it out. I was at once incredulous, doubting, lost and lacking in self belief, many times after reading parts of this book – even when the evidence and truth of it could not be ignored and was accepted by me. Even then it seemed to get thrown out in some fashion as folk belief, wishful thinking or magic.

This is the juncture that is known as “2012”. It describes more of a zone than an event  – going on over hundreds of years. Yet as the Galactic Sun tips over the edge of the Galactic horizon the shadows thrown out reveal what is really there for the first time. This is the sudden clarity of vision that many in the world seem to be finding at the moment after being held in the anaesthetic and coma of drugs, or simply swamped with everyday survival. There are many that lack the senses to see the truth of such a thing happening. They should be reassured and guided, this is certainly not the time for personal attacks. This event is something that the Maya came here to tell us about. It truly is the biggest thing happening in this sector of the Universe, and I must admit I know very little about it. This is akin to “being the one eyed King in the land of the blind” and even though I have used this understanding for years to survive in a highly reductive system that throws out the Mind of the Maya, I still get moments of crippling self doubt. It seems they just have to be endured.

So, the Maya Mind is real. The sacred sites. The Ancients. The Religious and the Spiritual. All real in the face of a few who would throw them out as “superstitious”. Maya Mind has a reality and ironically, physicality to it that many, especially in the West, will be unwilling to admit probably for many years yet. But like the Sun coming up in the Morning, that approach is alarmingly like crying that only the dark can exist when light floods in all around is.

Speculative / Interesting Note: I’ve been checking out the more recent Argüelles. He seems to have lost his way, although he certainly achieved a massive amount with the book I quote from above. But he seems to have become mired in over the top statements about everyone having to change to a new calendar. The “save the planet” brigade. A worthy aim, but who, or what are they saving exactly ? It’s very misguided to say you represent an entire planet and know what everyone should do to save mankind. It verges more than a little into bond villain territory – yes that cartoonish and crass – where everyone MUST follow the dictated path to salvation. This seems a little disingenuous to say the least. People like Argüelles sometimes admit the existence of the mystery and then go on to give the impression that they have it all worked out. There is a reason why that word is used – the mystery. This is all very mysterious. Everyone has a piece of the puzzle, but who ever has the full picture ? My advice ? Take a break Argüelles – you’ve already achieved the impossible. Stop worrying about humanity and you’ll see that things ain’t at all as bad as they seem.


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