The Forgotten Atlantis by firedudewraith

There are many examples of ancient ruins found just off the coast that were exposed before sea levels rose. In the Scilly Isles, Wales, off the coast of France and many other places.

Atlantis would seem to be not one place, but many. In fact entire tracts of land surrounding the coast before sea levels rose after the last ice age. What we call Atlantis is the remnants of the Ancients, at least their structures that got covered.

The Atlantis myth goes something like this. An ancient culture were destroyed by arrogance and hypocrisy and their land was destroyed and it sank beneath the waves (presumably as some terrible warning to others). Sound familiar ? The current angst over global warming and sea level rises ? It would appear that this myth has it’s origins more in a combination of knowledge of the ancients as well as some kind of story about angst being dangerous in times of change – at least in what I would suspect to be an original form of the myth.

There is much to learn from Ancient Myths, as well as documented geological history which is woefully missing from the climate change debate.


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