The Truth about Madness

Extensive and conscientious therapeutic work on the human character has taught me that, in judging human
reactions, we have to take into account three different layers of the biopsychic structure. As I have shown in my
book, CHARACTER-ANALYSIS, these layers are autonomously functioning representations of social development.
In the superficial layer, the average individual is restrained, polite, compassionate and conscientious. There would
be no social tragedy of the animal, man, if this superficial layer were in immediate contact with his deep natural
core. His tragedy is that such is not the case. The superficial layer of social cooperation is not in contact with the
biological core of the person, but separated from it by a second, intermediary character layer consisting of cruel,
sadistic, lascivious, predatory and envious impulses. This is the Freudian “unconscious” or “repressed”; in sexeconomic
language, it is the sum total of the “secondary impulses.” Orgone biophysics has shown that the
Freudian unconscious, the antisocial element in the human structure, is a secondary result of the repression of
primary biological impulses. If one penetrates through this second, perverse and antisocial layer, one arrives
regularly at a third, the deepest layer, which we call the biological core. In this deepest layer, man, under
favorable social conditions, is an honest, industrious, cooperative animal capable of love and also of rational
hatred. In character-analytic work, one cannot penetrate to this deep, promising layer without first eliminating the
false, sham-social surface. What makes its appearance when this cultivated mask falls away, however, is not
natural sociality, but the perverse antisocial layer of the character.


It is that “perverse antisocial layer” that we are all afraid of, and yet we all exhibit to one degree or another the psychology that Reich describes. There is no “bad person”, “good person” dichotomy, only a responsibility that we all have, to understand these issues rather than giving into the “machine-mysticism” as Reich puts of many of the Psychiatrists and Pharmaceutical companies.The nervous breakdown, the Schizophrenic familly member are all examples of the sham-social surface breaking down. Those people are actually growing. If only they went further along with the process with support, but we attack and drug those people as the verboten and illegal element in society. We have to stop doing this.

I saw this last night at my local community centre. A couple of Policeman in full gear walked in and went up to the bar. They were looking for an escapee from Ridge Lea (local hospital). I was immediately reminded of scenes from the second world war as people carried on around me as Nazi officers come in to check for wanted resistance members, in a form of occupation. I was tempted to say “nut?” while offering them a salted peanut, or ask “are they dangerous?”, but I probably wisely, stayed quiet. The comparison to WW2 is romantic as we are all involved in this psychology of fascism that shows it’s self in scenes such as this one. Those not aware of this psychology, that we ALL, share blame everything on Mental Patients and stand by idly while they are killed and tortured in “hospitals” or their own homes. Not hyperbole, but PRECISELY the same psychology that swept up 40’s era Germany, and America in the War on Terrorism or the British Empire in it’s worst excesses; the expression of psychology that we ALL share. It is not the “mystery of the human condition”, or “just the way things are”. It is actually well understood, but mainstream Psychiatry REFUSES to publicise the truth that can end endless suffering. That makes them the enemy of us all, but they are really only a reflection of us all. Time to end this. Time to tell and understand the Truth. A quiet Revolution.


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