Temporal Cold War

We have become disconnnected from our history …
“From the conquistadors of 1542 to the loggers of today, successive plunderers have raped the Amazon in the belief that it was, in essence, a wilderness without significant history,” ( Source )
This is why we poison the Earth and ourselves because we are stranded, LOST in a critical amnesia “the present moment” hoovering up history behind us and bulldozing the future in front. Any knowledge revealing that huge ancient ADVANCED civilisations is immediately destroyed (witness the response to Cydonia – more than just aggressive. They are responses that can only be explained by honest insights like Reichs Mass Psychology of Fascism) by Pseudo Skeptics who immediately leap on the weakest point of the discovery and use that to destroy the rest of it. They are the true charlatans, fakes, con men and sophists of our society. Keeping us in a prison of empty time where somehow the timescape has everything removed from it, leaving a scape void of objects – even though we admit the existence of dinosaurs, of Mayans – a sort of double bind paradoxical anachronism. This is a Temporal Cold War where the agents of materialist reductionism prevent humanity from finding it’s true place in the Universe.


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