The Lions Share

I was exchanging glances with some community Policemen in the Library, complete with their new shoulder cameras (Borg?). Why do they need these ? They are just intimidating and make it more difficult for people to come up to them (“Am I being filmed?”). After they had gone I asked the library attendant if there had been an incident – they were filling in an incident book – but he said they they check in every so often. He muttered something about rowdy teenagers and that got me thinking. While millions are drugged into submission, hyper financial criminals run away with our money and various illegal wars are started the Police are, yes you guessed it, running around after “rowdy teenagers”. What a farce. To be fair, I’m sue they work very hard but my insight is at least partly correct.

While we worry about Rowdy Teenagers the Jackals are bolting around our society spreading hate, guilt, shame and the dark worlds that oppress and enslave so many people. In African mythology and legends The Jackal represents everything evil in man. In the video game Far Cry 2 the “hero” of the piece is sent on a fools mission to “kill the Jackal”, the suggestion being that this is what the CIA (or wherever he’s from) do with people they don’t want anymore – send them into some huge war zone on a mission “to kill the Jackal”.

Posted by: erw | November 22, 2008 at 05:42 PM

From the book: ‘Confessions of an economic hitman’ – when the large corporate and banking interests failed in taking ‘complete’ control of foreign economies and land, they would send in the ‘jackals’, who were usually CIA/Special Forces trained and deployed to either assassinate leaders OR destabilize the regions so that the foreign big interests can go ahead with their agendas. The Jackal is a play on words – he was put there for a purpose, to arm both sides of a conflict and sustain it, thus destabilizing the nation. That’s why he was also giving his arms away – who is funding the jackal i wonder? In Africa in particular the global elite eugenicists have done much to keep the people down – promoting starvation, controlling crops, sending in arms to keep the people fighting, controlling both sides of all conflicts (UFLL & APR for example) and even flat out eugenics like sterilization and creating the HIV virus. The Jackal is an agent for these globalist interests. period. See the trailer for FC2? Shows the jackal in special forces uniform.

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What do Jackal’s do ? They steal from predators – The Lion. Listen to this Jackal tape from Far Cry 2 (Tape 12).

This matches with Dogon, and other African mythologies like the Rasta religion. The Lion is the Kind of Kings, Jesus, Christ, or the balanced true awareness and birthright of man. Sadly there are so many Jackals in our society. Stealing the Truth and blaming it all on “rowdy teenagers”; defenceless easy targets ! These teenagers are the people we are supposed to be protecting, not blaming and attacking ! So the next time someone sends you on a fools mission, think of the Lion. Ask the Lion – what is really going on here ?


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