The Answer

The answer lies in not more angry posts about corrupt government or yet another expose. The answer lies in a fundamental imbalance.

You. Yes YOU are a body made up of left and right sides with a central sexual (primal) base that links the two. One side is anarchic, chaotic … the other controlling and ordered (male and female?). The two are not always the same way round – witness left handed people. If you want to see a fictional portrayal of this then watch the entire Shadows story arc of Babylon 5.

The Shadows represent the anarchic – out of control – side, the Vorlons the controlling, ordered side. I’m sure there are many more examples out there just as the Chinese Yin Yang symbol is related to Reichs symbol of orgonomic functionalism.

Now notice the sexualised nature of society. Porn, sexual violence and the bondage like nature of state control, armies, sexual excitement over death as we see in Iraq and Afghanistan that keeps millions from peacefully ripping down these organs of state control and corruption. I know it is not an easy thing to say that there is a sexual element that we are all involved in that keeps the situation that we love to hate in a state of stasis. But there it is. No sex please, we’re British. It is the very element that is not mentioned in a political and ideological level. This is why things are in  a state of imbalance. It is the psychology of repressed sexuality because that is the force that balances and combines the two sides (left and right) into life as we see in procreation – but this is also happening all the time in the individual to create life and consciousness. So the evils we fight are not “outside”, at least not with our present problem. They are there as a result of a screw up in this basic psychology and physics of being. The answer may be as simple as meditating on these symbols (above) and trusting that there is an answer here that cannot be discounted as trivial. Why continue to gripe about something when that will not solve it ? Do we want to solve the problem and move on ? Or does it suit us to stay in this hell in some way ? I don’t think it does.


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