Obama and the Death of Political Correctness

OK, this is going to be short piece. I may flesh this out later.

Obama’s election to power as the first black president was rightly celebrated as a defining moment for civil rights. However Obama failed to follow up on the many promises that he made in his speeches. The growing critiscism was mired in a sort of reverse racism. There was a running atmosphere of not being able to properly criticise because that meant that you were somehow being racist. As with a lot of political correctness this goes unspoken and unchallenged. However it now seems that the Obama campaign were using and still are using his global celebrity as the first black president to cover up a number of glaring inconsistencies in his campaign promises. Yes that C word. Obama has been courting the pharmaceutical companies and lobby groups. I could provide evidence but you can hardly miss it if you are near a search engine entry box. Hence his health insurance obsession as well as the dodgy budgets channelling ever larger amounts into health and “research”. That research being business as usual for the usual suspects. Block known cures so that you can have a guaranteed market for your expensive product that keeps that market open by keeping people ill. Read the Confessions of an RX Drug Pusher if you need educating on this subject. I’m afraid that we are no longer in the world of the comfortable refutation tactic of squealing conspiracy theory so we can all go on kidding ourselves that there is not a problem.

So, yes, the death of political correctness. This is what I see anyway. PC has taken a gun out and shot itself, not in the foot, but in the head with the entire Obama debacle. Welcome to the second decade of the 21st century. Don’t worry things are shaping up better than ya’ll might think (wink, wink).


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