Quiet Revolution

… as The Shamen sang.

Read Common Sense by Thomas Paine. Never has a true patriot had so much to say about the country he left to support the Freedom in America. Never has a British American had so much to educate his fellow British about. It takes someone on the outside to tell us what we can’t tell ourselves … and then we can feel like Britains, or even citizens (rather than subjects). Or even just plain human !

Read Don’t take away our monarchy on the Republic Blog and realise that actual change and peaceful revolution is not only possible it is REAL rather than the FAKE that you are sold.

Russia is listening to Drum and Bass and the music scene is exploding there. There are a million changes going on around the thing that wants to stay for ever the same “forever England”. But reality closes in as it always does. The things that once seemed impossible suddenly have a feeling of common sense and sanity about them.

As the News Media struggles to comprehend what is happening, the changes, the SHIFT comes up from below. From the place that power has always been and always WILL be.

“We are the government”

The tides of history have been set loose. Woe betide any man who is misguided enough to wade into the waters and throw up his hands to try and hold them back (as King Canute tried to show us the foolishness of). Maybe kind souls in communities vessels will put out a helping hand and pull those people into the boat ?

Truth be told, I thought I would never see it in my lifetime, and I am honoured.


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